2020 Worksite Plan



MAY 2020

La Casita Cafe has adopted this Worksite Specific Plan in accordance with State and County Health Department requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. This plan is supplemental to the Guidance for Dine-in Restaurants.


Worksite Specific Plan

  • La Casita Managers will be responsible for implementing the plan.
  • The plan includes risk assessment and measures that will be taken to prevent spread of the virus.
  • The plan provides for ongoing training and communication with employees.
  • The plan addresses a process to check for compliance and to document and correct deficiencies.
  • The plan establishes a process to investigate COVID-cases, alert the local health department, and identify and isolate close workplace contacts of infected employees until they are tested.

Employee Training

  • Employees will be provided information on COVID-19, preventing spread, and who is especially vulnerable.
  • Employees will self-screen at home, including temperature and/or symptom checks using CDC guidelines.
  • Employees experiencing symptoms of illness including but not limited to coughing, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, or if they or someone they live with have been diagnosed with COVID-19 must stay home and not come to work.
  • Employees must seek immediate medical attention if experiencing virus symptoms.
  • Employees will practice hand washing policies.
  • Employees will recognize the importance of physical distancing, both at work and off work time.
  • All employees will be required to wear face coverings and gloves during work shift. Cashiers will sanitize hands after each transaction.
  • Employees will have access to information regarding sick leave benefits and workers’ compensation.


Individual Control Measures & Screening

  • Symptom screenings and/or temperature checks.
  • Workers who are sick or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 will stay home.
  • Employees will hand wash frequently and use hand sanitizer.
  • Disposable gloves will be provided to Employees using cleaners and disinfectants if required. Gloves are a supplement to frequent hand washing for other cleaning tasks such as handling commonly touched items or conducting symptom screening.
  • Cloth face covers for employees will be strongly recommended.
  • Dishwashers will be provided with impermeable aprons and eye and face protection which they will change and/or disinfect frequently.
  • Employees will communicate to customers that they should use face masks/covers when entering and remove when seated to eat.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

  • Perform thorough cleaning in high traffic areas.
  • Disinfect commonly used surfaces and surfaces touched by patrons.
  • Touchable surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned at all times.
  • Dining rooms, bar areas, host stands and kitchens will be stocked with proper sanitation products, including hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes and will be readily available.
  • Hand sanitizer devices will be located at guest and employee entrances and contact areas.
  • Sanitary facilities will stay operational and stocked at all times.
  • Products will be used approved for use against COVID-19 on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved list and follow product instructions and Cal/OSHA requirements.
  • Adequate time to implement cleaning practices during shifts will be a priority.
  • Hand-free sanitizer devices will be installed if possible.
  • Upgrades to improve air filtration and ventilation will be reviewed.
  • Laminated menus will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Table settings (napkins, cutlery, glassware, etc.) will be provided to customers only as needed.
  • Condiments will be provided only as needed in single serve containers.
  • La Casita will provide pre-roll utensils in napkins prior to use by customers and store in a clean container.
  • La Casita will provide takeout containers as needed and ask customers to pack their own leftovers.
  • Employees will thoroughly clean and disinfect each customer dining location after each use.
  • Wrapped toothpicks will be provided only as needed.

Physical Distancing Guidelines

  • Outdoor seating and curbside pickup will be prioritized.
  • Takeout and delivery options will be provided to customers.
  • Customers will be asked to wait in their cars and will be alerted when their table is ready through their mobile phone text messaging.
  • Measures will be implemented to physically separate workers and customers by at least six feet using measures such as reconfiguring space, installing physical partitions or visual markers/signage.
  • Employees will be required to use face covers in working areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Employee breaks will be staggered, in compliance with wage and hour regulations, if needed.
  • Existing kitchen layout will be reviewed to best maintain physical distancing in those areas where practical work shifts will enable work to be completed ahead of time.
  • Visual cues will be used to show certain tables and chairs are unavailable. Plexiglas or other physical barriers will be installed to separate customers.
  • Bar areas will remain closed until further notice.
  • Restaurants guests will be visually screened for symptoms.
  • The number of patrons at a single table will be limited.
  • Customers will be taken to their table’s one party at a time.
  • Face coverings are required for all employees.
  • Customers will not be seated where they cannot be six feet away from employee work and food and drink preparation areas.
  • Doors will be propped open if possible.
  • Physical distancing rules will be posted.
  • Peak period queuing procedures will be implemented including a host to remind customers to practice physical distancing.
  • Contactless pick-up and delivery protocols will be implemented to provide takeout food.